My previous post was about online classes. So,please do check it out before you start this one.

In my school, online classes are being held in the Microsoft Teams app. It starts from 10.15 a.m to 3.40 p.m(a break between 1.00-1.15 p.m)…….from Monday to Friday. There are two holidays- Saturday and Sunday.

My teachers are teaching in a great way to prevent cheating, not responding in class etc. In the teams app, there is a option called ‘Raise Hand’. So, whenever a teacher asks a question, we have to raise our hand to give the answer. Consequently, after giving the answer, we can lower the hand.

If the teacher calls a student and the student does not respond, then that student is either removed from the class or that student’s mic and video is disabled.

Many students were often not joining the class on a daily basis. So, my school took a strict measure for that. Everyday attendance is taken of every student. If someone’s attendance is very low, then that student will be given a notice and further punishment and may not allow to attend the exams.

Conducting the exams via online was really amazing. Before the exams, the school gave a date when we have to collect the copies for writing. We have a WhatsApp group where question papers are uploaded and after writing, we have to send the images within 15 minutes after the exam. Answer scripts uploaded after 15 mins will not be taken up for evaluation. After the exams are over, we have to return the answer scripts to school for correction.

In a nutshell, I want to conclude that my school developed a great system of imparting education and conducting exams via online. I would like to thank my teachers and Principal Sir for developing and implementing this system of education so beautifully amidst this raging pandemic situation.


Palashpriya Mitra

ONLINE CLASSES—-How good are they?


Due to the raging pandemic situation, students are facing the biggest problem- not going to school for the past one and half year and doing online classes. In my school,online classes started at the beginning of class 6 and now I am studying in class 7. So, I know how difficult it is to not go to school. Well, in my school online classes are really going very well and conducting the exams via online requires a lot of effort. I have to sit in my chair with the books and copies at sharp 10.15 a.m(INDIAN STANDARD TIME), then a short break between 1.00 and 1.15 p.m and the classes end at 3.40 p.m. I will try to give a routine of online classes in my next blog.

My online classes


Though we students strongly hate online classes, they have a number of benefits. Some of them are as follows:

a. We can record these classes so that if we need some important notes, we can easily see the recordings and write up.

b. We can join the classes from anywhere unlike normal classes.

c. We can simultaneously eat some snacks and other short foods while doing online classes, which is not possible in case of physical classes.

d. In this situation, online classes are better than physical classes…..we are doing the classes in our own homes and it is safer than going to school where all covid protocols may not be possible.


Online classes have their fair share of disadvantages too, some of which are listed hereunder :-

a. We face lack of co-curricular activities. In my school, annual function was done by uploading videos of different students. It was good but the fun and enjoyment was not there.

b. We have to stare at mobiles and laptops continuously, which strains our eyes and may cause diseases.

c. Online classes are the worst…… school, we used to sit together, talk, play and eat together… online classes this great fun is not at all possible.


Cute and pretty

Simple and happy

I am talking about

My lovable family

Mother and father

Consists my family

They are special people

Working throughout the day tirelessly

We watch movies and

Have lots of fun together

We play games

and many other………

Cute and pretty

Simple and happy

I am talking about

My lovable family

– Palashpriya Mitra

The Adventure to Vongalia

Ziva was playing games in her home. Suddenly, someone knocked at the door. Ziva opened the door and to her surprise, she saw Aunt Visha. Ziva called her mother as she had gone to the market. Her mother came and then began a long gossip. After sometime, Ziva understood that her aunt had came for a reason.

Aunt Visha said that her son Rikesh has found a real map and he wants to visit his so-called ‘TREASURE’ alone. She didn’t believe it first, but after the proves given by Rikesh, she understood. Aunt Visha didn’t allowed Rikesh to go alone and so she is requesting to accompany Ziva with him.

Ziva readily agreed. She and her aunt went to the latter’s house. Ziva read the map vary carefully. Ziva understood that this map was of a small island in the Atlantic Ocean known as Vongalia. Aunt Visha booked the tickets.

Next month, Ziva and Rikesh reached the island and went to the ‘REACHING PORT’ as per the map. The place was full of lush greenery. There were fruits hanging on the trees everywhere. Ziva ate a small, purple-coloured fruit and it was delicious! Rikesh also ate it. They also drank water from the TUMNA LAKE. Then, they walked towards the destination until it became completely dark. They made a camp and slept there.

Next day, they thought of going to the other side of the lake for collecting some food. Suddenly, they saw a big bear behind the bush. They understood that it was only marked as DANGER. They managed to escape out of the bush. Then, they made a boat out of wood through which they could sail in the Tumna Lake. While sailing, they saw a large building which was the TREASURE CASTLE. Suddenly, some people came, made them prisoners and went to the King. The King asked them ‘Can you tell me that why have you came here?’ Ziva told him the whole story behind it. The King understood and them free. He also said ‘The Treasure is hidden in the castle itself but till now we can’t find it. You both take rest today here and search tomorrow.’ Next day, both searched in the rooms,lockers and the temple. Rikesh was amazed to see that one pillar looked a little different than the others. He requested the King to break that pillar. The King thought for a while and then ordered his people to break that pillar. Ziva also came there.As soon they broke that pillar, huge huge gold coins and jewellery started falling down the ground. The king was shocked as two kids had found out the Treasure which the king himself could not find! He requested them to take half of the Treasure but the kids refused as it was the property of the king only. Then, he gave them a scrumptious meal, gave many precious gifts and invited to join the Folk Event next month. They agreed and went back hone safely. Both had sweet memories of the adventure.


Palashpriya Mitra

Nature and Us

It’s a sunny day.While opening the windows, Anna sees that all plants, small and big are walking and taking in our own language, just like humans! But they are looking like plants. Anna closed her eyes and opened them again. All was the same! She went to her parents. They said, ”I don’t know anything.” Suddenly, a big banyan tree came at the garden and loudly said, “Listen everybody, I am the king of this universe. From now on, you will have to follow my orders.” The tree said so loudly that it could be heard by everybody far and wide. We became very frightened. People who were not following the king’s orders were hard punishment. Anna shouted and screamed.

Then, she heard her mother calling and opened her eyes. Oh, it was a dream! Anna said her mother the whole dream. Her mother said, “It’s a good lesson to make us understand not to pollute the environment. Otherwise, nature will punish us in it’s own way.”

After eating her breakfast, Anna went to her friend’s home. They had decided for a special discussion on the topic ‘Nature.’ They all came. Juhi said, “Let’s make posters and placards to create awareness among people.” Just then, Reena said,” No, we can’t make them as it will need paper. Paper making means cutting of trees. We have to save paper.” After a long discussion, all came up with the final decision that they will make posters electronically and will post it to as much people as possible. The final day came. Anna and her group shared the posters to different people. Everybody became aware and changed for the better.

It takes only a little effort on our part to bring about environmental changes for the better. Let us all pledge on this day that we will all do our bit, however little or insignificant it might seem at the moment, in making our mother Earth a better, cleaner and greener place to live in.